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Good Actions Bring Heavenly Benefits

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at an international gathering on July 18, 2009 (Originally in Chinese)

Thank you for supporting good ideals and helping the world, helping the planet, helping humans and helping animals. It's good for you to do it: Good for you and good for your merit. Heaven takes note. Anything good you do is noted as good in Heaven. Also, anything bad we do reduces our points. Every good thing we do, every good job we do, a good profession even, earns points in Heaven. For example, if you are a farmer and you grow organic food for people, Heaven gives you very high points. If you make clothes or weave clothes for people, or blankets and all that, Heaven gives you very good points. For anything that benefits the children of God, Heaven gives you good points and high points; anything that's harmful to the children of Heaven brings minus points. Not only bad points but minus points: minus and bad points, so we go down. Every good profession that fulfills people's needs brings us up with good points. Good profession, good job—good points. Bad profession, bad job—bad points.

So even if you sell steamed buns, that's a good profession. Even if it's just part-time or a weekend job, it earns different points, more points, extra points, apart from meditation; and putting flyers in there is more extra points, and saves the planet. Because your idea, your heart wants to save the people, wants to save the humans and save the world. Six billion people, that's a lot of merits! And many, many millions of animals; that's a lot of merits also. So, put all your heart, your love into it. Then of course you have merits; even if you don't want it, you have it.