This Other Language- A Message from the Animal World Exclusive Discussion with Pascale Dozité and Khéops

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Compiled from Supreme Master Television Episode 365, 366, 367
(Originally in French)

“In spite of everything that you subject us to, as well as to the Earth which is home to all of us, in spite of your endless cruelty, we are ready to assist you in healing that which you have insisted on destroying within and around yourself. Will you accept our help?”

Spoken by Khéops in “Cet autre langage”

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Khéops, a female dog, and her human companion Ms. Pascale Dozité, a life-long vegetarian, have an exceptional connection that allows them to share messages from the animal kingdom with humankind.

Their relationship is like that of close friends and the language Khéops and Pascale use to communicate is called the language of the heart that goes beyond words.


The Beginning of a Friendship and their Mission

A few years ago, Pascale’s husband found Khéops at a campsite and brought her home. Pascale soon discovered that she could understand Khéops’ feelings and communicate with her. In an interview aired by Supreme Master Television, Pascale explained how they communicate: “We have a direct connection. It’s truly a heart-to-heart connection. Anything pouring in Khéops’ heart is poured immediately into mine and vice versa.” Pascale further explained that they don’t rely on any mental capabilities in the communication process, but simply, whatever message Khéops receives, she also receives it; and yet, she always knows what comes from her and what comes from Khéops. Both Pascale and Khéops are vegetarians. Pascale said, “We strongly invite everyone to become vegetarian, at least vegetarian. Vegan is another stage, but at least vegetarian so that animals do not have to suffer from the violence of human beings who do not realize that they feed themselves with anxiety materialized.”

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Soon after, it became apparent to Khéops and Pascale that they had a mission to complete–to team up and render therapeutic help to the human companions of animals and write a book–which according to Khéops, is a warning cry to open up the consciousness of human beings so that the immense suffering in the animal world will stop. In their book, This Other Language (Cet autre langage), Khéops unveiled many extraordinary aspects of animals that human beings are ignorant of and earnestly calls upon humans to open up their hearts and spirits to this unspoken language.

The Special Role of Animals

One of the important messages from Khéops is that animals can no longer be considered the way they are now. Human beings must realize that each animal has a special role to play in the evolution of humanity and has a message for the person she/he lives with. If that human ignores it, both animal and human being will suffer and the message might be lost forever. A typical example occurs when an animal lives with a couple that constantly fights and it develops a problem with her/his ears. So the human’s problem is revealed through the animal’s physical suffering. If people don’t get this message and only resort to consulting a vet and medicine, the pet might recover but most of the time there will be a reoccurrence or a manifestation of another physical problem. Only when the couple stops fighting, then the animal will fully recover. Therefore, human beings should always check themselves first, if they see a problem with their animal companion.


The Therapeutic Consultation

In the book, Khéops further reveals the greatness of animals and their ability and wishes to wholeheartedly help humans. Some animals radiate either healing energies, or an extraordinarily deep peace or joy. Each of them can bring their small light to wherever they are. Khéops and Pascale’s unique connection to each other and their celestial guides enable them to form a therapeutic team and bring solutions to souls in need of healing.

According to Pascale, Khéops plays a special role in the consultation. Her work actually starts from the moment an appointment for therapy is made; at that time, she is already connected with that soul. As soon as she receives the agreement, the explicit request of the person’s soul, with her guides of light and those of the person requesting consultation, she will detect in the person’s DNA, the deepest blocks, the deepest sufferings, to which the person, no matter how hard she/he tries, won’t have access. Further to that, she treats the problem by using the strong power of her love, with her guides of light, to transform the hidden blockages giving them a first cleansing. After the consultation the person will have access to these parts of him/her self, and thus will be aware of and can work on eliminating the problem(s).

However, Khéops and Pascale never do anything beyond the wishes of the soul, even when sometimes they feel doing a little extra is good for that person. In order to serve their mission responsibly to help people and heal the wounds of the soul with absolute respect, they never do less or more than what is asked of them.

The Love of Animals

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In one chapter, transmitted entirely on her own, Khéops said the love of animals for the people they live with is more abundant than the love of human beings for their animals. Animals can forgo so much since they don't see death as a sacrifice but rather a stage in the evolution of a living being. Therefore, they can sometimes substitute themselves for a human being to allow this person to live longer, which often happens. For example, there was a little female cat named Irma who used to live in a family with several children. One day, she was hit by a car and was badly injured. Before she died, she communicated to Pascale, "In this accident, one of the children was supposed to die, and I love the members of this family so much that I took the place of this child." And if she did not complete this arrangement, other circumstances would take the life of this child who was supposed to die at that time. Unfortunately, not many human beings are aware of what animals are doing for them.

Khéops's Message

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When asked what message she wants to share with the world, Khéops said:"... it's time for humans not to waste time on unimportant things. ... what is important, is the respect that a human being owes to himself. Human beings took possession of the planet at the expense of all its inhabitants, whether in the plant or the animal world; and therefore, it is through human beings that all this has to have meaning again, because we, the animals and the plant world, have already begun this transformation which is necessary for humankind. Only human beings are lagging behind. Therefore, human beings must open their hearts, rediscover the values that will make him a real human being and not be this kind of puppet who wants to have everyone under his control." And the values are "Love and Respect."

Due to their amazing work together, Khéops and Pascale have received immense interest from prominent international media, but in spite of this have never accepted any invitations for interviews. However, they did consent to an interview with Supreme Master Television, because they believe it is a TV channel of very high quality. During the interview, Khéops said that although she has never met Supreme Master Ching Hai, Master’s soul and her own are connected, and that their respective missions are closely linked. They work together in a different manner but with totally similar values, and particularly with the same purpose, to serve humankind.

Khéops and Pascale's work is extraordinary and makes us realize how little we as human beings know about animals and our other co-inhabitants on this planet. We sincerely pray to God for the day when human beings rediscover their greatest values within and cherish all these amazing friends we have around us.

To read more on the beautiful message of love that Khéops wishes to share, their book, This Other Language, is available through its publisher, Agorma, located in Switzerland, through its website at: (French)