A Smart Parakeet Never Lost

Japan News Group (Originally in Japanese)

The US movie “Paulie” (1998) described the adventures of an intelligent parrot who after experiencing a lot of difficulties traveling across the country to find his keeper, he was eventually reunited with her. In real life, a similar story happened to a parakeet in Japan. Luckily, this parakeet only separated from his keeper for a few days before he could return to her bosom.

In Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, an elderly lady living alone called Michi Toda has a parakeet named Chirotan. This parakeet has twice strayed from home. But because Ms. Toda has taught him to speak his name and address, both times, Chirotan was able to return home safely.

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On September 15, Golden Year 2 (2005), [blp1] Chirotan flew out from one of the open windows that Ms. Toda forgot to close before leaving home. The next day, Chirotan was found on the balcony of an apartment not far away from Ms. Toda’s house. The people from the apartment sent Chirotan to a kindergarten where a staff member there planned to adopt him. However, the following day, Chirotan suddenly began to repeat: “Parakeet Chirotan from the house of Toda in Morioka City.” The kind-hearted staff member, thus journeyed to the address and to her surprise, she actually found Ms. Toda. The elderly lady was so happy to have Chirotan home. She said, “Chirotan is a member of my family. It is great to see him again.”

Nevertheless, just one month after Chirotan returned home, Ms. Toda was seeing off a guest at the door when Chirotan seized the chance to dash out again. Three days later, he was found at a gas station. This time, Chirotan just simply said, “Chirotan from Morioka City.” And because Chirotan’s flight was widely broadcasted on TV, someone who saw the parakeet contacted the TV station and thus Chirotan, the intelligent parakeet, once again was returned into the arms of Ms. Toda.