Master's Teachings

The Lifestyle of the Golden Era

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If we just keep a vegetarian diet and follow a virtuous way of life, we will fear no sickness.

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Pearls of Wisdom

Live a healthy, simple life - simple living and high thinking. Always think positively. Even just thinking changes your pattern of living, changes your day, and changes your fortune.

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Master Says

Spiritual cultivation is thus a process of repairing the mind. Life after life, the mind records too many undesirable things and ensnares us with a guilty conscience. That's why we have to train and rectify it, illuminate it with Light every day, educate it and also brighten all our bodily cells.

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Selected Questions and Answers

Only when human beings realize that they should surrender to God, to the Almighty Power which is within us, only when humans realize that in them there's a great power to heal all diseases and that they should rely on this power alone will all diseases cease. All these things are warnings to tell that we should return to God.

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Vegan Era

When we live our lives with a vegan diet, we send out a powerful statement that we want life, and so we will beget life, and protection to continue with our life.