Simplify Life: A Way to Improve Our Spiritual Practice

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Cancún, Mexico, December 15, 2010 (Originally in English) (DVD#945)

Fruits are good for you. Fruit or juice, fruit juice. And it's very acceptable for the body. We eat cooked food because we are used to it. Since we were babies, everyone gave us this kind of food, and then we got used to it. Even meat and fish: we were not born to eat them, but we got used to them. So it's better that we train our new habit, that's all. Even at home, if you want. Nothing's forbidden by me or in our group, except anything that causes suffering to others, animals or humans. But it has been many years now, so it's about time that we grow up. I also grow up. We grow up together.

And then we change a little, to better habits, to a more simple life. Because even normally when I am at home, I don't eat that much like here. But they cook a lot, and it's good also because I entertain the guests like the journalists, and just show them it's really very abundant, and that even vegan food is tasty. They say they like it, and they're going to be vegan from that time on already. But for me now, if I eat so much like that, I feel very, very tired. It's almost like a sacrifice. So later, if we have to entertain people, we push out those who still like to eat cooked food, to sit with them. Those who are very willing to sacrifice. (Master and everyone laugh.)

Fruit is very good for the body. It's accepted easily, without any defense. You can eat fruit and drink juice and things like that. But go slow, go slow. Even though fruits are more acceptable to our body's defense system than vegetables, don't go so quick. Don't go too fast or extremely. Maybe three days fruit and two days cooked food, or two days other food, two days fruit, and then slowly. Or one day a week and then slowly two days, three days. Like that, so the body has more time to adjust. Maybe it's safer. Listen to your body's demand also. If no good, the food is always still there for you. (Master and everyone laugh.) No problem. Just eat simply. Simplify life, so you'll have more time to meditate. Because mostly we cook in the morning or at noon, when it's the best time for meditation. I think you can understand now. When people first get initiation, I just tell them to be vegetarian, and they're already saying, "No. How?" But now I think you're grown up, and I think you can understand what I am saying better.

Yes, I'm sure you understand. You're grown up now. I don't need to baby-feed you anymore. Also, now that we have a lot of brothers and sisters, we have this supporting energy and atmosphere, so that you can accept new, better ideas, a better lifestyle, and better habits. Remember, I taught you how to breathe. Twenty times, 30 times, or 50 times a day like that, it's fine. It's also giving you extra energy and nutrition. Remember before, I taught you to breathe in deeply and out before your meditation, a long time ago. This is also very helpful to your health and a long, long life, and it's extra nutrition. At the time of initiation, I say take a deep breath in and out before you meditate. Use that also, every time you remember, not just before meditation. Later, you'll take a longer deep breath in and longer out. The more you do, it becomes a habit. So that will help you also.