Mother of the Millennium

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By sister initiate Carolin Gschwilm, Munich, Germany (Originally in English)

Below are prophecies from a book written between the 11th and 12th centuries by the French clairvoyant Jean de Jerusalem concerning the Millennium which stands before us. Jean was a member of the Knights Templar order, and in the course of time, his prophecies were lost. They were rediscovered only recently, and their accuracy is truly astounding. Many contemporary problems, such as AIDS, world hunger, and environmental pollution, are described very clearly in his book. While Jean de Jerusalem predicts catastrophes and wars for the end of this century, he also describes the future as very beautiful: "Humanity will evolve spiritually and regain its true greatness, and humankind will learn to live together in peace." In some prophecies, he writes of a woman as the mother of the new age, and we believe that he refers here to our Master:

"When it's getting near to the year 2000,
Men will no longer be the only Masters,
For a woman will come and take hold of the scepter.(Master used a staff for a long time)
She will be the great mother of the times to come,
And what She thinks She will impose upon men.
She will be the mother of the millennium which comes after the millennium. (after the year 2000)

She will emanate the mild sweetness of a mother
After the days of the devil,
She will be the beauty after the ugliness of cruel times.
The millennium which comes after the millennium
Will be transformed into a time of light,
And there will be love and sharing and dreams, (We share our wealth with the needy, ...)
And these dreams will come true."

Actually, there are more prophecies by Jean de Jerusalem that do not refer directly to our Master, but that confirm fully what She says about the future spiritual development of humankind and the golden age. What is really beautiful is that Jean's prophecies, include not only disasters and suffering, but also a wonderful future in which humanity will become enlightened after a difficult time of bringing back the divine order to Earth.

When it's getting near to the year 2000,
Humankind will finally have opened their eyes. (Master helps open the wisdom-eye)
They will no longer be prisoners in their minds or in their cities.
They will be able to see and hear one another from one end of the world to the other. (retreats in different countries)
They will know that which strikes one injures another.

Humankind will form one, immense body,
Of which each one will be but a minute part,
And together, they will form the heart, (group meditation)
And there will be one language spoken by all, (Quan Yin inner voice)
And thus, finally will be born - the great spirit of humanity.

* * * * *

"When it's getting near to the year 2000,
Humankind will know the essence behind all things,
Stone or water, the body of the animal or the glance of another.
They will discover the secrets guarded by the ancient Gods,
And will push open one door after another, in the labyrinth of a new life. 
font color="darkred">(enlightenment by the Quan Yin Method)


They will create with power and the springing of a well.
They will teach the knowledge to all of humankind,
And children will know Heaven and Earth better than anyone before them.
(Our initiates' children from 6 years old have heavenly visions of unbelievable height!)
And the human body will be enlarged and skillful,
And their spirit will encompass and own all things."

* * * * *

"When it's getting near to the year 2000,
Humankind will undergo a second birth. (initiation)
The Spirit will dominate the mass of the people
Who will be one as brothers.
Then the end of the barbaric times will be declared.

* * * * *

"When it's getting near to the year 2000,
Humankind will know that all beings are bearers of the Light,
And that they are creatures to be respected.
Humankind will found new cities
In heaven, on Earth and on the surface of the ocean.

They will remember what was then. They will understand what will be.
They will no longer fear death,
For they will have lived several lives during one life,
And they will know that the Light will never die." (Just as Master's teaching about seeing the Light, die while living...)


*(This prophecy was originally written in medieval French; excerpted from "Le Livre des Prophètes", published in 1994 by Editions Jean-Claude Latt)