The Best Antidote for an Epidemic——The Quan Yin Method

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Pingtung, Formosa, November 2, 1988
(originally in Chinese) Videotape No. 15

This world has entered the Golden Age! The Golden Age is for spiritually advanced people to live in; the unsuitable ones will be gradually eliminated. That's why you will see the occurrence of more and more diseases that had previously been unheard of.

It's clear that, in the world, if there's no plague, there will be war; if there's no war, there will be natural disasters or storms; it's all because of our immoral actions; the karma is too heavy and the collective karma is too great! Therefore, if such collective karma can't be erased by the death of one or two persons, it will become an infectious disease that can eliminate a great number of people. Life in this world is unreliable. We can't rely on medicine all the time and sometimes even medicine can't save us in time.

God is very clever; Hes doesn't just let us have the diseases we already know about but creates new diseases so that we'll be forever running behind Hirm. We think we're very civilized, but the King of Karmic law is even smarter. He can catch us as he likes, and we're unable to react very quickly! We may die as soon as we have a high fever, and it will be too late to call a doctor. The doctor is also helpless and may be infected by the same disease.

If those patients get this disease because their time is up, their karma is due, they may also go. But there's no guarantee going like this; those who don't practice the Quan Yin Method may not be saved in time if they go suddenly, and their souls will have nothing to rely on. We'll die sooner or later, but it's safest to have the "All-powerful Insurance Company" to rely on when we die. (Audience laughs and applauds.) Truly, we feel very secure when we practice the Quan Yin Method. Even if we have a disease, we're not anxious, as we know there will be no problem. Our soul seems to be very calm and peaceful and we don't know why we feel so peaceful and restful, but our wisdom, our soul knows, and we feel great!