The Reasons For Becoming A Vegetarian - Health, Energy and Compassion

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai, Brazil, June 18, 1989 (Originally In English)

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Q. If I stop eating meat, doesn't my body weaken if I do not have conditions for preparing a vegetarian meal?

M. No, but you must select a protein-rich diet to replace the missing animal protein. In the English sample booklet, I talk about the vegetarian diet and there I tell you what foods you can eat which have enough nutrition. Meat is not all that good. We all know already. You see, the hospitals are full of meat-eating people. Vegetarian people hardly ever go to the hospital. The more civilized, the more meat we have, the more hospitals we build. If you fear that vegetarians don't have enough nutrition, look at the elephants, look at the horses, look at the cows. Is there anything stronger than an elephant? What does it eat? It doesn't even care about protein. Don't cheat yourself. Vegetarianism is very healthy.

Even Mohammed Ali, the boxer, eats vegetarian. So don't tell me any tales. If you want to eat meat, then you eat meat. No one will say anything. Just don't make excuses. Meat is no good. Very filthy! All kinds of bacteria in it. All kinds of poison in it. All kinds of hatred, fear, terrifying feelings, or say, magnetic fields in the meat of the animal from when it was killed and they remains there. When you consume the meat, you consume all these energies with it. It's very heavy energy, so you can't climb back Home.