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By sister-initiate Sheila Coodin, Vancouver, Canada
(Originally in English)

A dog’s love has no bounds, and,
in the case of Endal,
his help to his human companion
also seems boundless.


Mr. Allen G. Parton was in a serious road accident in 1991, which caused him a lot of disabilities: loss of memory, loss of ability to walk, difficulty in reading and writing, and inability to talk. He was feeling very hopeless and depressed until in 1998 a dog, Endal, specially trained to help the handicap, came into his life. This dog gave him so much love and made him feel very happy. About Endal, Mr. Parton said: “He does not see the disability; his love is unconditional and if you could capture the healing power of his love you would cure the world of all its evils.”

Endal helps Mr. Parton in many ways. In an emergency, he knows just what to do, be it putting Mr. Parton in a good position (recovery) if he falls out of his wheelchair, or calling for help. If Mr. Parton forgets the name of something, he just has to gesture (for example, touch his head if he wants his hat), and Endal will get it.

Image IntroHowever, the most amazing thing about Endal is all the jobs he does that he was never trained to do. He can use a bank machine to withdraw money; he can order drinks in a pub and take Mr. Parton’s wallet to pay; he pays for a ticket on the bus, and then retrieves the ticket from a machine; he goes shopping at the Supermarket with Mr. Parton, takes items off the shelf, puts them into the basket, and then unloads them to pay, and does actually pay. Other talents of Endal include helping to undress Mr. Parton, operating traffic lights, opening the washing machine and then unloading it, passing the items to Mr. Parton to hang up.


Television crews have filmed him many times. Also, Endal has won many awards. Mr. Parton has said that he is eager to share the story of his life with Endal so people can realize how wonderful dogs are and start to treat them as they deserve.

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