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The Meat Industry Threatens Our World

The sickening truth behind the meat industry is purposely hidden from the world. Many people are simply unaware that the neatly packaged corpses for sale were once actual living beings that were inhumanely raised and then murdered.

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Letters to the Animal Industry on Stopping the Practice of Cruelty

To help create an organic, vegan world and a peaceful future in which all sentient beings enjoy happy, healthy lives, in Golden Year 8 (2011) Supreme Master Ching Hai sent letters to animal-based garment and food companies around the world...

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One Man's Courage Sheds Light on the True Cost of Meat-Eating

The British government, he claimed, has been deliberately covering up scientific evidence on the serious health risks of eating the flesh of cows implanted with sex hormones.

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Dutch Climate Change Film Reveals Livestock Farming as Major Cause

“Meat the Truth” shows clearly that livestock farming for meat and dairy production is a bigger cause of global warming than emissions from all the world’s vehicles combined.

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An Interview with Mr. John Robbins

He published his Pulitzer Prize nominated book, "Diet for a New America" in 1987 in order to showcase the problems of factory farming and to encourage others to follow a plant-based diet. Within five years following publication of his book, beef sales in the United States dropped by nearly 20%.

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Reflections on Avian Flu

Perhaps few people have given deep consideration to why such large numbers of helpless poultry had to be destroyed. To lower meat prices, the modern farming industry confines large numbers of animals in very small spaces so that when one falls ill the disease spreads quickly.