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Make Use of Your Innate Defense System

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Group Meditation in Singapore,
September 29, 1994 (originally in English) Videotape No. 446

Live a healthy, simple life - simple living and high thinking. Always think positively. Even just thinking changes your pattern of living, changes your day, and changes your fortune. So always try to keep being positive. Then a lot of accidents, a lot of illnesses can be avoided. It's very difficult if you're a kind of doctor or nurse, or sometimes a social worker, to be positive all the time; because people come to you with their sicknesses, their problems, their very low thinking and depressive energy. But for ordinary people, you can always maintain your positive energy. Always think that God is around you, the Masters from the ten directions are always protecting you because it's true.

So try to take care of your defense system and don't let it break down. Try to take care of your system by acting positively, thinking positively and speaking positively. It's very simple. Even just thinking positively is already a tremendous help to you.