A Guiding Light for the New Era - A New Messiah Heralds Peace and Prosperity:
【The Earth before and after 2012 as Prophesied by Nostradamus】

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

In his famous quatrain collection Les Propheties (The Prophecies), 16th-century French clairvoyant Michel De Nostredame foretold the occurrence of numerous major world events. Experts studying the poems state that Nostradamus predicted the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, World War II, and the September 11, 2001, tragedy in the United States. Thus, as the world quickly approaches the Aquarian Age and the December 21, 2012, baktun cycle change on the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus’ writings are garnering much attention.

Those researching Nostradamus’ other works are uncovering more remarkable findings. For example, in August 2002, the US-based newspaper Sun published Grant Balfour’s article, “Nostradamus: I Know America’s Future!” on a letter discovered in France. Mr. Balfour reported that a respected panel of academic experts led by Dr. Jeanne LaFobruge concluded that the letter contained a record of Nostradamus’ visions about significant recent and future events in the US and elsewhere.

In his letter, not only did Nostradamus accurately describe the international economic recession and other important present-day global events, he also described a new leader who would usher our world into an “age of exploration and limitless prosperity” lasting more than 1,000 years. The following is a condensed collection of excerpts from the Sun article about the new leader Nostradamus described.

Sun Newspaper, August 6, 2002
Nostradamus: I Know America’s Future!
By Grant Balfour

Second Coming

The rebuilding of America’s government, Europe’s bombed cities, and the war-ravaged Middle East will all take place thanks to a single leader Nostradamus called “Faro.” (1)

“He will come from the mountains to the northeast of India, possibly Tibet, and where he walks, prosperity follows,” LaFobruge says.

“His organization will combine the best elements of church and state by feeding the hungry (2) and teaching new prayer techniques.” (3)

Although active before the end of the War on Terror, it is only after the final victory that this world leader’s true identity will be revealed.

“For his final vision, what Nostradamus wrote was: ‘While bells ring in London (4), in the time of Scorpion, the new Jesus shows his face to all in the New World’s island cities (5). The ocean sings – Miracle! (6) – to behold the risen Lord,’” says LaFobruge.

“This vision clearly indicates several things about this mysterious Tibetan hero. He will be in Hawaii or Puerto Rico, possibly during a world tour ... There will be a miraculous happening that will be witnessed by the world, and it will take place in November of 2004.

“Most importantly, this miracle will leave no doubt that this man, Faro, is none other than the Second Coming of Christ Himself.”

Eternal Youth

Once accepted as the world’s leader, the new Messiah will replace all governments with a scientific think-tank whose only responsibility is to solve humanity’s problems.

“The first problem eliminated by this so-called ‘Parliament of sages’ (7) will be human aging,” LaFobruge says. “By 2006, they will have solved the problem – and no one need ever grow old again. (8)

Following that amazing discovery will be an age of exploration and limitless prosperity for over 1,000 years.

End of excerpt

 A Guiding Light for the New Era



(The following views do not necessarily represent those of Sun or Mr. Balfour.)

Nostradamus’ description of the Second Coming of Christ and Dr. LaFobruge’s explanation of the Messiah’s mission bear a remarkable resemblance to the noble life of the world-renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian and artist, Supreme Master Ching Hai, and the work of Her Association. The following are some examples regarding the prophecies cited in the article:

1. “The rebuilding of America’s government, Europe’s bombed cities, and the war-ravaged Middle East will all take place thanks to a single leader Nostradamus called ‘Faro.’ He will come from the mountains to the northeast of India, possibly Tibet, and where he walks, prosperity follows.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai in Tibetan monastic habit in Her early years

Faro in Spanish means “lighthouse” or “guiding light.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai achieved complete enlightenment in the Himalayas and was in a region of India bordering Tibet before being sought out to share Her teachings with the public.

Master and the representatives of the governors of the six states Chicago, USA (February 22, 1994)

A recipient of the World Spiritual Leadership Award, presented in 1994 by governors of six states in the US, Supreme Master Ching Hai has long served as a foremost spiritual guiding light.

Supreme Master Ching Hai is still working to bring peace to all parts of the world and fulfill the realizable dream of “Heaven on Earth” for all beings.

2. “His organization will combine the best elements of church and state by feeding the hungry…”

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

Over the last two decades, Supreme Master and Her Association have been providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, and ongoing charitable aidto alleviate the pain and suffering of humans and other beings across the globe. Some of their activities include the rapid provision of vital supplies following calamities such as the 2011 Japanese tsunami; the 2010 Haiti earthquake; the 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake; Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (Burma) and other Asian countries; Hurricane Katrina in the US and the Kashmir earthquake of 2005; the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, and the September 11, 2001, event in New York, USA.

Additionally, Master and Her group have helped refugees, orphanages, and many organizations that benefit humans, animals and the environment. Often giving anonymously, Supreme Master Ching Hai always contributes whatever She can at any time or in any place where help is needed.

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

3. “…teaching new prayer techniques”

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

Supreme Master Ching Hai practices and shares a meditation technique called the Quan Yin Method, through which one can reach a deeper union with the Creator via contemplation of the inner Light and Sound. The inner Light, or the light of God, is the same light referred to in the word “enlightenment.” It shines forth as wisdom and compassion. The cosmic vibration known as the inner Sound, being all powerful and ever present, is also experienced as an inner melody of divine love and can heal all wounds, fulfill all desires, and quench all worldly thirsts. As the deepest and most effective form of real prayer, the meditation technique taught by Supreme Master Ching Hai thus allows a sincere spiritual aspirant to be transported to higher realms of existence through contact with the direct teachings of God.

4. “Bell rings in London…”

London, United Kingdom (June 9, 1999)

Supreme Master Ching Hai spent much time in England as a young adult during Her university studies and became a naturalized British citizen. In more recent years, She has travelled and resided there often, returning to London many times for lectures and to give initiation to Truth seekers. During a 1999 European lecture tour, Her visit to England coincided with the signing of the Kosovo Peace Treaty. The bells ringing in London could well signify this newfound regional peace, as well as welcoming the arrival of the light-bearer “Faro” as seen by Nostradamus, the grand city’s former student, now returning as the Master – a cause for true celebration by all.

5. “‘…the new Jesus shows his face to all in the New World’s island cities’ … This vision clearly indicates several things about this mysterious Tibetan hero. He will be in Hawaii or Puerto Rico, possibly during a world tour.”

Responding to requests from spiritual aspirants, Supreme Master traveled in a series of world tours, offering lectures on nearly every continent. In both 1989 and 1993, Her stops included cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, DC, and others, located on or near islands throughout North and South America. Lectures were also held in New York City on the island of Manhattan, and Mexico City, which was originally built by indigenous Aztecs on an island in Lake Texcoco.

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

Helsinki, Finland (May, 1999) Prague, Czech Republic (May, 1999) Paris, France (April, 1993) Hawaii, USA (March, 1993) Washington D.C., USA (April, 1993) Colorado, USA (April, 1993)

Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited to speak in the US island state of Hawaii in 1993 and later held an international meditation retreat there. Her selfless dedication to humanity was recognized by the late Honorable Mayor Frank Fasi of Honolulu, Hawaii in 1993, when She was granted honorary US citizenship and bestowed the International Peace Commendation. She also stayed for some time on Coconut Island in Hawaii, and later on San Marino Island in the city of Miami Beach, Florida as well as in southern Florida, where many students of the Quan Yin Method were fortunate enough to join Her in spiritual gatherings.

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

6. “The ocean sings – Miracle! – to behold the risen Lord. ” /p>

The Supreme Master’s name, “Ching Hai,” means “Pure Ocean” or “Clean Sea” in Chinese. Apart from the grace and miracles bestowed as a spiritual Master in saving countless souls through many years of sharing the Truth, Supreme Master is also a multi-talented artist and musician. She is an extremely rare spiritual Master who can transform people’s consciousness through Her uplifting talents, which include singing, poetry, and music. Her songs and music are empowered by a loving vibration that brings incredible healing, purification and spiritual elevation, and comforts innumerable souls’ longing to return to Heaven. A worldwide spiritual awakening is taking place – as when “the ocean sings,” divine blessings flow and miracles happen.

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

7. “‘Once accepted as the world’s leader, the new Messiah will replace all governments with a scientific think-tank whose only responsibility is to solve humanity’s problems.… ‘Parliament of sages’…”

In 2006, Supreme Master Ching Hai inspired the launch of Supreme Master Television, a 24/7 internationally broadcast channel viewed by millions of people around the world via satellite and over 90 cable and IPTV networks in multiple languages. This unique channel focused on constructive news and programs to inspire peace through outstanding examples of excellence in humanity and noble ways of living. Most notable was the channel’s landmark coverage on practical, efficient solutions to the current major world issue of global warming. Featured broadcasts included live climate-change conferences, interviews with Nobel Prize-winning and US National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) scientists, government leaders and leading environmental experts.

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

Throughout the channel’s five-year broadcast, Supreme Master Ching Hai Herself spoke frequently via televised videoconferences with government leaders, eminent scientists, physicians, artists, environmental protection groups, and animal welfare organizations, offering practical solutions and spiritual insights for addressing urgent world problems. This unique broadcast forum transcended all governments and national boundaries, sharing messages of peace and the collective wisdom of renowned world experts throughout the global community, making it truly a “Parliament of Sages.”

Photo captions for note 7:
(Photo 1) Supreme Master Ching Hai with His Excellency Jose Maria Figueres, former President of Costa Rica
(Photo 2) Supreme Master with the Honorable Mayor of Cancun, Jaime Hernandez Zaragoza,
and his wife, the First Lady of Cancún, Paty Meneses de Hernández
(Photo 3) Dr. Janez Drnovšek, 2nd President of Slovenia (vegan)
(Photo 4) Her Highness Princess Maja von Hohenzollern
(Photo 5) Her Excellency Annette Lu Hsiu-lien (Vegetarian), former Vice President
of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
(Photo 6) Dr. Rajendra Pachauri (Vegetarian), Chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change (IPCC)
(Photo 7) Her Excellency Maneka Gandhi, Member of Parliament in India (vegan)
(Photo 9) John Salley, 4-time NBA basketball champion (vegan)
(Photo 10) Al Jardine, singer and founder of the Beach Boys
(Photo 11) Ms. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Emmy Award-winning CNN journalist (vegan)
(Photo 12) Eric Roberts, Oscar-nominated actor (vegan)
(Photo 13) Dr. T. Colin Campbell, bestselling author of The China Study (vegan)
(Photo 14) two-time Oscar winning composer Al Kasha

(Hundreds of sages, of world leaders, scientists, scholars and saints can be found at www.suprememastertv.com)) Live Videoconference Washington, DC. USA-November 8,2009

 A Guiding Light for the New Era Live Videoconference Jakarta, Indonesia - October 22,2009

8. “…no one need ever grow old again”

Most holy scriptures refer to the state of being “ever young” or having “eternal life” as a level of spiritual attainment that means one has transcended the cycle of birth, aging and death that binds all mortals. The Light and Sound meditation as transmitted by Supreme Master Ching Hai promises restored awareness of the soul’s eternal nature and complete liberation from the cycle of physical birth and death.

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

Nostradamus’ prophecies were largely written as four-line poems, made difficult to decipher through the frequent use of symbolism and anagrams as a way to avoid possible persecution from officials during his time. Perhaps it’s no accident that the meaning of Nostradamus’ French name, Michel De Nostredame, is “Michael ‘Angel’ of our Lady.” In one of his quatrains, Nostradamus refers to himself as “the next to the last of the surname of prophet (Le penultiesme du surnom de prophete),” who will deliver the impossible to a great people. The last four letters of his chosen Latinized name Nostradamus, when written backwards, are “SUMA” – a term that has been used regularly in the past to refer to Supreme Master Ching Hai (SU: Supreme; MA: Master). In Quatrain #3-94, he described a glorious outcome of the new Messiah’s divine mission; that is, giving immediate enlightenment to uplift human consciousness:

 A Guiding Light for the New Era

For five hundred years more one will keep count of him,
Who was the ornament of his time,
Then suddenly great light will he give,
He who for this century will render them very satisfied.

In a heartfelt letter addressed to his son, Nostradamus mentioned that his prophecies would extend from his time to the year 3797. He explained, “This may perturb some, when they see such a long time span, (but) this will occur and be understood in all the fullness of the Republic; these things will be universally understood upon Earth, my son.”

Since the beginning of Her lectures to the public in 1988, Supreme Master has often spoken of crossing the threshold into a Golden Age, the 1,000-year period of exploration and limitless prosperity envisioned by Nostradamus. Through the years, She has worked tirelessly in both the spiritual and physical realms to elevate the consciousness of sentient beings in preparation for this transition, while promoting the vegan diet, compassion for all beings and a righteous way of living. In the year 2004, during an intensive personal retreat that lasted more than two years, She sent several messages to Association members, informing them of a New Golden Era, and of the blessing by Heaven of all beings on Earth. In one letter, She wrote:

“This planet has undergone tremendous changes for improvement. Lots of purification and blessing has been bestowed upon this world in all aspects. Saturate yourselves with this once-in- eons-of-a-chance-love, for it is your absolute refuge – as the cleansing is taking effect around you. Meditation, noble precepts and unconditional love will draw you more towards the field of positive Grace.”

A few months later, during a February 2005 talk with fellow initiates in Hungary , She spoke again of this promising shift for the planet:

“Especially at this time, in the transitional period when Earth is joining all the more developed galaxies, everything is blessed and opened for the faithful ones.”

She also advised everyone to spend more time in deep meditation during this special period.

Photo Archive: Hungary (2005)

Indeed, the life of Supreme Master Ching Hai is the manifestation of divine blessing. Never in history has an enlightened Master been able to unite as many people from so many different nationalities, cultures, and religions. As observed by the Honorable Mayor Frank Fasi of Honolulu: “She brings love around the world where there is hate. She brings hope where (there) is despair. And, She brings understanding where there is misunderstanding. She is the light of a great person, an angel of mercy for all of us.”

As human consciousness is being further elevated, following the natural evolution of the whole universe, let us rejoice at this great news about the dawn of enlightenment and the noble vision of peace and harmony for all beings on Earth. May more and more people be inspired by the guiding light of the “Faro” and choose to lead lives of love and compassion. We pray that all children of the Divine — humans, animals, plants and other creations, live in peace and happiness together in the paradise called Earth, as intended by God and as foretold by the beloved prophet, Michel De Nostredame!

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