Self-made "Warm-keeping" Covers

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By fellow initiate Ah Sen, Formosa

Many office workers have trouble sitting for a long time during the winter time, as their knees and ankles become cold and sometimes even hurt. Yet many of us ignore the need to keep the lower half of our bodies warm, so it is no wonder that our feet begin to complain.

This problem is easy to solve. We can make a simple "warm-keeping cover" out of old socks and sweaters. First, cut open the front end of the socks (preferably woolen ones). The socks, with their L-shaped curvature, make excellent covers that are just right for our knees. We can also cut the sleeves of an old sweater to a suitable length and slip them around our ankles to make a pair of warm covers. Remember to hem the trimmed edges to prevent the wool from coming loose. As long as we take good care of our knees and ankles, we office workers will be free from aching joints in the winter.