A Meeting with Animal Psychic Jane Ellen Plotkin

Compiled from Supreme Master Television
Episode 504-505  (Originally in English)

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Have you ever wondered what your companion animal was thinking? Did you ever wish to express your loving thoughts to your animal friends in their language?

Supreme Master TV correspondents recently met with psychotherapist Jane Ellen Plotkin to explore the subject of animal communication.

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Jane has been working as a psychic for animals since 2000 after having a major enlightenment experience. Since then she has become a vegetarian and feeds her pets vegetarian food as well. During her experience she came to understand that “we really aren’t here to eat other soul beings,” realizing that any creature with a mid-brain or cerebrum has emotions similar to those of humans, and that animals each have their own spiritual purpose. Some also have group lessons that they are here to learn. Dogs for instance are part of humanity’s stewardship; once their food and shelter are taken care of, their essences or spirits progress into a whole new level. This is the gift that humanity can bring to other species; we are here to be their stewards.

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During the interview, Jane was able to describe in detail a few of Master’s dogs simply by hearing their names or looking at their pictures. For example, regarding Lucky, she said, “Lucky feels very lucky.” Jane also explained that most canines are blessed with not having a long-term memory. Only through scent can they remember a person or trigger a memory. “Lucky probably seldom remembers anything that happened to him in the past unless he is reminded by a sound or scent. Yet, of course that’s part of who he is; that shy, humble, but luxuriating little son of Master really does love and honor his life with Her. That’s for sure. I can tell you that.” She confirmed that Benny is truly a high-level being in dog form and has the gift of empathy that he learned through his own nature and through Master’s nature. “He lives a life that’s based on that. His attention is always tuned to Her, because She really carries the goddess presence for him, and his life is devoted to Her love.” Zolo, on the other hand, used to have a lot of anger before being rescued but is now calmer, very happy and considers himself to be Master’s protector and guardian. Jane further said that like human children, all of Master’s dogs have learned a lot from Her because they internalize Her enlightening way of life and understanding.

Image IntroTo worldwide SMTV viewers, Jane advised, “Increase the ‘intelligence’ quotient of your animals just by talking to them.” After they have had enough exercise and treats and are relaxed, simply talking to them about ideas can help them entertain larger concepts. You can repeat what you’re saying to them and even act it out physically to help them understand better. Because when you begin talking to them it expands their intelligence and in return they respond. “We’re really extending their IQ in many ways and the pets are really here to help us sustain our EQ [emotional intelligence], to touch base with our hearts, with our pleasure in small things, in the things of daily life.”

As to the animals’ message for humanity, Jane said, “The animals would like to be respected as soul beings, much like human beings. Before they came into the human household, they were seldom known on such a deep level as individuals. They had much less experience of choice. They had much less knowledge of courtesy. That’s one of the things that humanity has really done for the pets that live with them, whom they love; they honor them with that distinction of becoming individuals unto themselves, instead of just one of the group. Of course we are all human, we’re all one in that sense, and yet each of us is distinct. So it’s really a beautiful gift of stewardship that human beings are here to provide.”

At the end of the interview, Jane thanked Supreme Master Ching Hai for all Her exquisite work on behalf of our animal friends and for bringing forward the spirit of Quan Yin in such an original, passionate and brilliant way. In return, Master wrote the following note to Jane:


Hey, Jane, you’re wonderful. And what you’ve said about my dogs is true. They’re like that, the way you’ve described. Of course they are more on a day-to-day basis. And I just love them all. Beautiful Jane, you are really a good animal communicator! They love you and God loves you for what you do. My pets send their respectful regards.

Love, love!

-- Supreme Master Ching Hai


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