What is the Quan Yin Method?

What is the Quan Yin Method?

Quan Yin Method is an ancient Method, which has been forgotten by many of us, but has been revived in every time in different countries. Some lucky people are able to reconnect with it again.

Quan Yin is just the Chinese term for "Word," vibration, heavenly sound, or melody. In our worldly language, it is very difficult to unify the meaning of the same thing. The Bible states, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Everything that was made was made by the "Word," and nothing was made that was not made by this. So, in order to find our Origin, we have to return to where we came from; we have to trace back the "Word" that was with God and that was even God.

That's what we are made of. Also, everything else in this universe is made of this Essence, of the tremendous energy of the universe, which we could call God Almighty. When Hes manifests in this world, Hes dwells within us as a human being and manifests materially as a human being so that we can see each other. Or Hes manifests in the flowers, the food we eat, the fruit that we like, etc. These are the material aspects of God.

"Quan Yin" means the "Word" of God. We retrace the "Word" of God to go back to be united with Hirm. Quan Yin is just the Chinese name. You see, this is how we argue again, because the "Word" is "Quan Yin." Quan Yin means contemplate on this "Word" of God, on this vibration of the Universal Power, which makes all beings.

The Quan Yin Method is not a religion. However, all religions originated from the Quan Yin Method. But by practicing the Quan Yin Method, we are restoring our Original Self. Religions usually discuss the experiences of ancient people. Take Jesus Christ, for instance. The focus is on the abilities or supernatural powers He attained through spiritual practice, how He reunified Himself with God, what His disciples achieved through spiritual practice, and how they finally reunified themselves with God. In the case of Shakyamuni Buddha, the focus is on what He achieved through spiritual practice, how He became a Buddha (Enlightened Master), and how His disciples practiced and became Buddhas in the same way. Today, our Quan Yin Method teaches us to walk the same path. Therefore, all religions originated from the Quan Yin Method.

When we practice the Quan Yin Method, we listen inwardly to our Self Nature; that is, we contemplate the inner Sound current, our original Nature and our God Nature. If another group is teaching the same thing, then they are also teaching the Quan Yin Method, except that they may call it by another name, like the "Sound Stream," "The Inner Voice of God," or "The Word." If they can let us hear our God Nature within, our heavenly Kingdom within, and see the inner Light, then their methods are the same as ours.