S.M. Fashion Carries A Spiritual Message

Siyu Chinese Times Supplement, London, U.K. May 1995

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April 22, the Ching Hai Celestial Clothes
Fashion Show in London

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On the stage, there were only two gilt-edged red letters. Viewing from a distance, they looked like 'S' as well as 'M'; under the bright spotlights they created an extraordinary secluded effect. The ethereal music, as if echoed from a tranquil valley, accompanied the models as they drifted on the stage like goddesses one by one.

With the exception of a few casual designs, all the rest were resplendent and dazzling evening gowns. Ching Hai had ingeniously integrated the essence of traditional costume designs from China, Thailand, Au Lac, Japan, The middle East and the Western countries, which were enhanced by Her personal inspiration, giving consideration to the practical aspects, and then elaborately manufactured. Even without any 'fleshy' sex incitation, the creations still fascinated the audience.

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Sing Tao Daily News (European Edition), London,
U.K. Saturday and Sunday
April 22 and 23, 1995

At the press conference held recently at the London Hilton Hotel, the Supreme Master humbly claimed that She is not an expert in fashion design. However, the fact is that the Supreme Master's creations have already been received by the fashion world with unanimous applause.

Master Ching Hai's Superior Fashions

TIN TUC News, Paris, France, May 1995
(Originally In French)

The Supreme Master Ching Hai is seeking to express 'the harmony within and without', so She picked high quality fabrics for the inner linings, setting a new trend in the use of clothing lining.

The color and tonal matching of the linings and the clothes, as well as the exceptional sewing technique added artistic beauty and harmonious effect of the garments.

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A fashion show by a spiritual practitioner, as sensational as those of leading designers.

Designs created by Master Ching Hai. Show performed by top Paris models.

Europe Journal, Paris, France May 3,1995 (European Edition)

[Journalist Guo Nai Xiong of our press reports from Paris]

Was it Channel, St. Laurent, Pierre Cardin or an?other famous French designer staging the show? It was not any of them. It was Master Ching Hai’s S.ML Celestial Clothes worldwide Fashion Show staged on the evening of April 27th! The venue was the most deluxe performance hall at the Palais Des Congres de Paris. All the audio, visual and art directors at the scene, and the models on the stage were top profes?sionals from France. The entire place was filled with a supportive audience of about two thousand five hundred. Apart from the fashion designs, the spectacular scene alone could match the fashion shows held by some of the leading fashion designers in Paris!

Celestial Fashion Show

Integration of the Physical Body and Spirituality Aroused Curiosity among Parisians

The United Evening News, Formosa April 29, 1995

More than a dozen professional models from Paris presented the naturally beautiful clothes, which were designed by the great Supreme Master with the insights from Her spiritual cultivation. The orchestration of gold and red, integrating the physical body and spirituality, added a most graceful touch of beauty and romantic spirit. The highlight of the evening was the resplendent and luxurious evening gowns, while the magnificent and dazzling lotus dress conveyed an peaceful and dignified spiritual feeling.