The Gifts Animals Bring to Humans

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai in a videoconference
at the new book release of The Birds in My Life in Formosa,
August 24, 2007 (Originally in Chinese)

Although we do not expect reciprocation from animals, there is a saying in Au Lac “Save the animals and they will repay your kindness.” This is indeed true. Sometimes, animals can bring lots of good luck to you; perhaps it is prosperity to your business, perhaps good health, or more love and joy to your loving relationship or family life. Each animal brings a different gift; you have to perceive it quietly.

In San Francisco of the United States, there was a very rich man. Previously he lost all his wealth and became a homeless wanderer. One day, he came across a dog that then accompanied him all the time. After adopting the dog, he began to feel much better; his mood as well as his health improved. From there he stood up and worked again, and finally became a very rich man, a billionaire. After he died, his property was all left to that dog. A very big house was built to accommodate stray dogs and take very good care of them. Most probably you’ve heard this story. That dog had brought him great wealth.

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In addition to bringing happiness to people, many dogs also bring prosperity. Each animal that comes to your house will definitely bring a gift. You have to observe carefully and quietly. I don’t mean it will bring you a book or a cookie, no! It is not like that. Instead, it will gradually bring you all kinds of delightful spiritual surprises from within. However, if you cannot communicate with it, you might not think that it is the one who brought that to you. For example, after adopting a dog, if your life suddenly improves and your business booms tremendously, then you should begin to wonder. (Master and everyone laugh) Perhaps it was the dog that brought you good luck; try to observe carefully.

I have a bird that brought me lots of money, but I am not telling you which one. (Master and everyone laugh) (Applause) I never imagined that this would happen when I adopted it. I only discovered it later. It was because, after it came to my home, we began to understand each other slowly. Through our communication I realized that it had brought a lot of money, but I used it all to help needy people, and other birds, dogs and animals. I didn’t adopt the bird because I wanted the money. When I first met it, I did not know that it would bring any money. Usually, animals won’t immediately let you know; they’ll first find out whether you treat them nicely or not, before revealing the gift to you. It is really like that. The better you treat them, the greater the gift they have for you.

Animals are also from Heaven. Some of them are highly developed spiritually, even higher than some humans. Don’t think that they are ordinary beings just because they are wearing an outer appearance of a dog or bird. You have often heard stories of animals transforming into human form to help their human caretakers. Those stories were true, but we need to use our spiritual eye to perceive it. Unfortunately, many people cannot see this.

We should remember clearly what God has thus said in the Bible: I have created all the animals to befriend you and to help you. God wouldn’t tell lies. Therefore, I cannot be wrong when I say that the animals are bringing us gifts. Besides, I have personal experience. More and more I realize that all my animals have brought me different gifts. Some brought me good friends; some brought me good helpers. I don’t mean that they called them on the telephone and asked them to come. (Master and everyone laugh) It is just that, when the animals are living in my house, naturally they attract those good friends to come, or the money, or helpful persons. Or, suddenly my life becomes more free and easy. Some previous karmic hindrance, the bondage related to some people, would suddenly be severed. These are brought by the animals.

Animals are really born to help human beings. Later, when we have the opportunity to publish the book, The Noble Wilds, I may reveal some of the secrets to you. (Applause) Originally, I dared not reveal it in writing, because it belongs to our inner communication. So, I really dared not reveal it all, in the books about the dogs and birds; I just wrote a little bit. In the first place, I only wanted to write an ordinary book on how humans and birds should live with each other. For instance, to every day enjoy meals, play games, and have fun together. I had no intention to write about the heart-to-heart communication. However, sometimes I had no choice, so I had to write a little about it.

Even some wild animals will also help us. For instance, there might be some wild animals near your house, and you might have fed them occasionally, then they would also help you. Even if you cannot communicate with them, they would still help you. Of course it would be better if you could communicate. I once communicated with a swan and it told me a lot of things that I didn’t have time to think about. Not that I wasn’t aware, but I had no time to think about it. After communicating with the swan, I remembered those things and that I had to do this and that.

Really, all animals are born to help human beings. The Bible is correct! We should remember that they are our helpers. Unfortunately, some people are not aware. Be patient and calm down, then we can communicate with animals and understand what kind of help they are giving us. What a shame if they have helped us yet we are not aware of it! It is not necessary that we must help them first and then they will repay us. Regardless of whether we have helped them or not, if we interact and communicate with them, they really will help us. In this way, it is really good for us. Not only good for them, but also really good for us!