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Videos of Lovely Animals

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Video-0753 Love for All Beings

Animals can teach us a lot. They are very intelligent beings with highly developed emotion, intellect and spirit. They are simple and humble, so we need to be more sensitive to understand their emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

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Video-0780 The Dogs and the Birds in My Life

This is a record of the loving moments that Master spent with the lovely doggies and beautiful birdies adopted and cared for by Her. With abundant mutual understanding and love, their life is full of warmth and joy, as if living in Heaven!

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Video-0796 The Guardian Angels God Bestows Upon Humans

Animals are the helpers, friends and protectors of humans. They come with gifts, unconditionally, and bring great benefit to humans, regardless of whether we feel thankful or even know about it...

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Video-0798 The Best Way to Communicate with Animals

Poetic and picturesque, enchanting and mesmerizing, in this loving conversation about “The Birds in My Life”, the stories of Master’s feathered friends deeply impressed everyone that trembled every soul, and melted all hearts...

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Video-0805(1.2) God Created Animals to Help Humans

At the “The Dogs in My Life” book launch video conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai had a wonderful dialogue with many honored guests about interesting stories of Her beloved dogs.

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