The Supreme Master Ching Hai's Fashion Show

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New Chinese Times Biweekly, New York, U.S.A. Saturday April 22, 1995

The S.M. Celestial Clothes Fashion Show that was held recently in New York was a great success. It attracted a lot of attention from the public. The models, "Paris Beauties", as well as the Celestial Clothes created an event filled with grace and perfection.

--By Taije

"Inspired by the Heavenly Kingdom, brings forth the Truth, virtue and beauty of the glorious realms of heaven." This was the theme of the Supreme Master Ching Hai's Fashion Show. This exciting event was held on Saturday, April 15, 1995 at Avery Fisher Hall in New York's Lincoln Center. Judging from its location, the Supreme Master Ching Hai' Fashion Show was not to be a typical display of fashions.

During the two hour program, eighteen gorgeous models from France presented various styles of clothing: there were elegant evening gowns, graceful wedding gowns and attractive casual outfits. With fascinating stage lighting, the models' movements coincided with the rhythm of the beautiful music, gaining the acclaim of the audience. When music with a strong rhythm was played, the audience clapped along, creating an exciting atmosphere where everyone was entranced with the performance.

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