The Secrets Revealed by Master's Hair

The Secrets Revealed by Master's Hair

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai Group Meditation in Korea May 20, 2000 (Originally in English)

In Korea, some people invented a very interesting machine that can tell you about your DNA, your sickness and everything, and, by the way, can tell how many chakras you have open and how much. Maybe you can go and check it out. [Laughter] I was very tired this time, and one of the brothers, who knows someone who invented a machine like that, took my hair and went there to check it out. The person didn't know who I am, and the brother did not tell. So, he came back with the whole list: all the chakras are open, and to the highest degree. [Applause]

Perfect Enlightenment and the Body Code

Also interestingly, the person found a body code. He said that he had never seen a body code like this before and anyone who has this body code can be enlightened anytime, suddenly. So, maybe that's why I was enlightened so quickly. If you want to blame anything, blame my body code. The Buddha had a different body code, I guess. His body code takes six years for enlightenment; my body code takes six months. (laughed)

Is our brother here? He's one of your brothers. He was taking my hair to check my disease only. And the doctor was very surprised, and said, "Who is this? It's an honor to work for a patient like this. Who is this patient?" He kept asking about this all the time; I don't know how to explain, either. I don't know why I was enlightened quickly. Brother, you explain. Tell them everything you told me yesterday.

The Other-Worldly Machine

Disciple (Dr. Kim) (Originally narrated in Korean): It is a kind of magnetic measurement tool. The usual people have a chakra degree of 4, 7, or something like that, but You have twenty-one. The person who was operating the machine was very surprised and very honored to have this kind of person's hair. This machine might be used in the higher worlds already, so it's very good of the person who invented this machine. Usually a person's body code can be divided into 64 systems. But Your code is very special; he had never seen it before. He said he was very honored to see that, and the person who has this hair could get enlightenment immediately. The person who invented the machine and the person who operates the company are also spiritual practitioners like us. Maybe they make special things, not ordinary ones.

M: He's not a disciple. He didn't know that the hair belongs to me. Only after he had the results, he asked, "Who is this person?" But I told him to keep quiet. Today you pressured me two or three times about why I got complete enlightenment so quickly and others do not. I forgot and I blurted it out, but there's nothing secret, nothing.

D: As to the chakra, the invisible halo or aura of an enlightened Master can be measured by the machine."

M: It can measure that, yes. This machine is very advanced; not everyone can use it. He just found this out by accident. We did not mean to find out about this; it just came out by chance, by the way. It was hot cold, hot cold, so fast, and I kept changing clothes back and forth. The body temperatures were very different and I felt very tired, so the brother worried that I might have some serious disease. He said that in Korea they had invented a very good machine that can tell the disease by the hair, so he asked me for some hair. I cut some and gave it to him. And in case, because I had dyed my hair and it would maybe not be accurate, I gave some old, long, black hair that a resident had. He gave them together, and both hairs had the same results. [Applause]

I am very thrilled. Once he introduced the machine to me, I knew what it was, and I am very happy for Korea that they have such a machine. It is not from this world. It is transmitted through this person to use, to help humankind in this world. It's not one of the best, the highest in the higher worlds, but it's useful for this world. He is a very rare person; he is a scientist from another world. But, of course, I cannot prove it to you, never mind; I am just telling the brother. This machine is so advanced that ordinary people cannot use it; ordinary doctors cannot use it even though they have buttons and things like a computer. You have to concentrate here (Master points to Her wisdom eye) in order to operate the machine. Even though he is not a Quan Yin practitioner, he practices another meditation method and his concentration is very deep -- deep enough to contact the inner world to have instructions to make this machine. He brought it with him.

I think in some other country like America or Japan, they also have a similar machine. Soon in the future, we will use this kind or a similar kind to discover and heal sickness. You can walk into a room full of these vibrations from the machine and be healed. You won't need too many operations and too much medicine that are so painful. In one of the very, very first talks to the Formosan disciples, I mentioned how people heal in the higher worlds. They just use light and vibration. This is one fraction of the ways on the more advanced planets.

Our brother also got a machine and tried to use it, but only when he concentrated well would the machine answer him. If he thought of any other kind of things, the machine wouldn't respond. It's just like UFO's or other phenomena. Even if we had UFO's on this planet, rarely could people use them because you have to use the mind, be trained in the mind -- not in the technique and in the hand, but trained in the mind, programmed in the mind; they use the mind power to operate the machine. It's very interesting that our world is getting something from the higher dimensions, the higher planets.

Actually, I'm just happy to tell you that I am not sick of any kind-- just overly tired. [Applause] Anyway, in order to find out whether I am sick or not, he had to find my body type, body code, from the sixty-four. Humans are divided into sixty-four kinds of body types and eight patterns can have cancer. If your body code fits in those eight types, then you are prone to cancer. Every body type has different categories, like the special eight types are for cancer and are called "cancer type". People in these eight kinds of body codes have cancer, genetically have cancer, or are easily prone to cancer. And, for example, if you are in that type of body type and you smoke, and you drink as well, then you will get cancer more easily and more definitely than other body types. In order to find out whether I have any sickness, he had to find my body type and therefore, he realized that the body type is so rare. He had never seen this before, and he's a very famous doctor here; he's seen hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of people. I'm very impressed by his invention and his deep concentration. He's a very dedicated scientist.

I hope that in the future more doctors can be trained to use this machine. It would be very helpful to the patients. They won't need to go through a lot of probing, poking, and needles for all kinds of blood and samples. These are very painful procedures to find out what your sickness is. This is very simple. Some samples of your hair, and they can tell you everything -- if the doctor can use the machine. Otherwise, the machine doesn't respond.

Anyway, I am so happy for the Korean people. Because they concentrate very deeply, they have a lot of things. I'm very grateful for the other doctor's dedication. He found out about my unique, exceptional body code just because he wanted to find my sickness, not because he knew who I am and was trying to find out anything. It's just by accident that he found out. And then he found out about all the chakras just also by chance.

It's funny that yesterday I got it, and today you asked everything about why I was enlightened so quickly, and why no one else is the same; and why the Buddha took six years, and Jesus long years. I don't know, maybe it was my body code. The doctor said this type of body code is very rare. He had never seen it before. Whoever has this body code can get enlightened any time; I mean, at any time he or she can be enlightened. So maybe that's why when I wanted enlightenment, I got it right away. Six months were for the complete, but the immediate, I already had.

The Power of Concentration

(D: Thank You, Master, for praising the machine.) No, I am praising the doctor, the inventor of the machine. The machine is useless without his mind, without his concentration and dedication. It's he who makes the machine work. He brought his power and knowledge from the higher world because the machine, if given to someone who doesn't have concentration power, won't work. The brother said if he thinks of all kinds of stupid things or any other thing instead of concentrating, the machine doesn't respond to him. So he has to concentrate. You see; the power of concentration can even move machines. All the UFO's you have heard of are all operated by mind power, concentration power.

Is there anyone else who wants to get complete enlightenment in a short time? You are all enlightened already. It is just that you have to concentrate on enlightenment and know yourself better. You concentrate a little and you think of every other thing, and you concentrate a little again and remember every other thing instead of your great Self. That's why you are not completely aware of your greatness. It's not that you are not enlightened; you are. But to be aware of the complete enlightenment, you must devote more time, more concentration. It's difficult.

I was a little blind -- blind for enlightenment. Suppose, now that I know everything already, you tell me, "Go back to the Himalayas; you will get more enlightenment." I would say, "No, thank you!" At that time, I was blind. I was blindly in love with God alone, and too stupid to be aware of danger, any trouble or any impossibility. Now, my eyes are opened already, my wisdom eye is also opened, and I'm scared of what I did. I could not do it again. It is okay if you are really so blind like that; you would get it. God looked down and said, "My God, what a stupid kid! I have to protect her. She wants it so much that she became so stupid and blind. Okay, give her the enlightenment so she won't die." [Laughter] God felt sorry for me, I guess.

Remember the story I told you about two guys who were seeking enlightenment? One was a monk, and he practiced diligently. Every day, he hanged one leg with an iron chain to the tree. He hanged himself there all day to get enlightenment. And then there was another guy who also wanted enlightenment, but he didn't know what to do. He happened to pass by and see the monk hanging by one leg with the iron chain to the tree, and he said, "What are you doing?" And the monk said, "I heard that if you hang by your leg on the tree like that, God will feel sorry for you and you'd have enlightenment." So, when the second guy heard that, he went and found anything, some straw, and put the straw together and made a very quick and simple straw string. Then he prepared to hang his leg from the tree, and the monk said, "Oh my God, are you stupid! You know I have been hanging with the iron chain so long already, and I still haven't got enlightenment. If you hang with a straw rope like that, you might fall down and die before you get enlightenment. You go and find an iron chain; it's safer." But the second guy said, "I don't have time to wait; it's okay." And so he hanged himself, and his rope broke, of course, because it was straw and very stupidly put together. And God came and caught him, and didn't let him die, squash himself on the rock. And so the one with the iron chain complained, "My Lord, what kind of God You are! I have hanged myself for many years already, and You never appeared to me; and this stupid guy comes along with a straw string and then You appeared to him, helped him, and protected him! What kind of God is this?"

I hope you don't hang yourself tonight; this is just a parable. I don't have any stories about myself, so I borrowed a story of other people. I don't have stories like Jesus and Buddha, so I borrow them. There's no need to have stories about myself. There's plenty already from them that I can borrow, and never finish. In the Buddha and Jesus' time, maybe they had a lot of time, they had nothing much to do, and this life, we are busy -- immediate enlightenment or nothing! Everything nowadays is very fast. We have to go with the fashion, with the era.

Quan Yin Method Enhances the Body Code

D: Master, I have a question about body type. I would like to know if we practice the Quan Yin Method, could our body code be changed after we practice the Quan Yin Method?

I don't think so. I think you have to go and ask the inventor. I don't think it changes because there are two types of hair that I gave to the doctor: the one that's now, the new one, just cut yesterday, and the one that the resident gave from a long time before when I still had long hair. And the two hairs gave the same results, so that means even though I have practiced long since then I still haven't changed. That means we don't change; we're born with it. But we could change our vibrations, change everything else, adding to it. The body code is just something physical. But then certain types have certain types of body code, I guess. But anyway, the brother can experience something new and maybe he will report to you.

D: The code never changes.

The body code, I guess, is just like your appearance -- already there. But you could add in just by practicing the Quan Yin Method, just glorify it, that's all. Like your face is like that; you could put on more makeup and change your hairstyle to make you look more beautiful, but your face doesn't change. I don't think the body code changes, but it helps to practice the Quan Yin Method. For example, you have cancer, it becomes less, or it disappears. Many of our brothers and sisters have this kind of story. It helps a lot.